GA 480GA480; extremely fast, high performance; is a silent and state-of-the-art gyro-mixer that automatically selects the mixing speed and time, has improved grip speed and dynamic balance.pdf
HA 480The HA480 is a new generation dispenser in the latest technological point with no need for morning cleaning, newly developed piston pump, automatic speed adjustment according to product, coloring.pdf
HP 500HP500, simultaneous coloring; new nozzle closing technology; fast repeatability and quality guaranteed HARBIL pump system.pdf
HP 800The HP800 is a 32-line and 20 lt (maximum values) hopper-filled colorant in a 'simultaneous' system designed for speed and high usepdf
HA 150HA150 is an automatic colorant with efficient ball valve Harbil pumps that require very little maintenance, working in all water, solvent, universal systemspdf
X-SMARTThe X-SMART automatic colorant is as big as the smallest customers; is a modular colorant that is easy to carry, which can be installed in minutes, which is very practical, sensitive, economical, expanding your marketpdf
SK 550 1.1For professional use, it is a shaker with USB connection, graphical presentation, user adjustable and extremely easy to use and maintain.pdf