Dispersion Polymersh1
Product NameDataDetailed Information (Advantages)h3
solids (%) +/- 1pH-valueviscosity (mPa-s) MFFT * (ø C) DIN EN ISO 3219 (23 ø C, 100 1 /s)MFFT* (øC)h4
Acronal© 556648,5-51,57,0-9,0100-1200-6With its flexible structure, it is the solution for all kinds of insulation and dispersion based coating formulations.pdf
Acronal© 5400575,5-7,550-3500Flexible waterproofing membranes based on cement are suitable for indoor and outdoor environments and have very good crack bridging.pdf
Acronal© TS 562507,0-8,5400-1.200< 1Excellent price / performance, suitable flexibility up to -5 ø C (Tg -8 ø C), high resistance to contamination, (UV curing), high water resistance, APEO free.pdf
Acronal© ECO 6716 T506,5-8,5300-1.10022The wide range of formulations does not contain ammonia and APEO.pdf
Acronal© PLUS 6727459,0-11,020-1007Excellent tan and nicotine barriers, the most advanced primer solution for construction and woodworking applicationspdf
Acronal© TV 27564-664,05-5,0150-600-30It can be used for dispersion based mastic applications, floor and wall coatings. Provides high strength and flexibility at low temperatures, high initial bonding strength and provides heat-resistant strong bond.pdf
Acronal© DS 6262507,5-8,530-20014It provides superior strength, rubbing and abrasion resistance, low water uptake in applications such as floor coverings, concrete protection, swimming pool borders, house paints.pdf